“What we do to planet Earth will reflect into eternity”

Why the familiar “Let’s save the world” war cry needs an urgent re-evaluation!

Our open letter to people who care about the state of the planet and the oceans, but especially to the people who don’t.

Planet Earth does not need to be saved by us. To claim that it does gives the impression that we, the human race, are above the power of nature and it’s amazing abilities to heal and restore what our activities and lack of foresight are busy destroying.

We are one species, a tiny part of a unique, complex, and delicate sphere. This celestial marvel is made up of a system of symbioses and processes that it has taken millions of years to create, but that in little more than a blink of an eye, in the grand scheme of time, we have clearly shown can be broken down and destroyed by human greed!

We need to change the way that we approach our life on this planet, and our approaches to farming, manufacturing and consuming.

Our past actions have brought us to a point where we desperately need to make evaluations and changes right now.

We need to move fast to preserve what is left of the incredible things that nature provides us to sustain life, clean drinking water, healthy soil, and unpolluted air. There are no substitutes available to humanity for any of these life-sustaining resources once they have been poisoned beyond the point of no return. We won’t be here but the Earth will find a way to restore itself and continue long after our last irresponsible footprints have vanished.

Our highest priorities right now, if we want to save humanity, have to be reversing some of the most harmful effects of the last 70 years.

One of the most vital steps to achieving that is to learn how to coexist harmoniously with not just the other creatures, but also the other people that we share the planet with. Cross-cultural unity could lead to the reduction of damage by creating and sharing projects with real meaningful value. A good example would be the way we grow food, community gardens, permaculture, and a vast range of other harmonious activities that actually work in sync with the conditions and seasons around the world.

The attitude of always regarding our planet as an endless resource that can be taken from without giving anything back will soon cease to exist, either because we make the choice to or because we simply run out of time. For most of our human history on Earth, we have evolved much more in direct harmony with nature than we do now, and it is something that we need to relearn how to do incredibly urgently.

We have come a huge way very quickly with our recent technological advances, don’t forget that it is just 150 years since the first gas powered engine was patented, and just over 30 since the first public internet access. Technology has enabled many people to enjoy much more comfortable lives and brought many benefits, but it has also brought some huge costs along with it. Of course there are the ecological concerns about mining and fossil fuel use, but we should also pay attention to the incredible burden and suffering that it has brought on so many cultures, including many indigenous peoples who are now truly fighting for their lands to be responsible guardians of it.

We all do, and always have, cast more or less shadows in this world, but the reality is that we now live in times of total imbalance where our shadows cover everything around us. We live in a world with severely polluted soils, air, and water, where we are still destroying those very things that we need to survive.

Nowhere is that more true than in the seas and oceans. They are in great danger of irreversible damage if the world population does not get collectively involved in immediate efforts to stop and reverse the ill-effects caused by our careless actions, which have been motivated by turning a profit at any cost.

The survival of the entire human race, and all of the other life currently on Earth, depend on the actions of the generations of today. That might not be fair but it is the simple and stark reality that we are faced with. We have to do everything that we can right now, so that our children and their future children will have the chance to live on and enjoy this amazing planet.

Each and every thing that we do to our planet, we are actually doing to ourselves and our neighbours. Every action, good or bad, affects every other being on this planet, we live in a connected system and we always have.

The concept of ‘throwing something away’ simply doesn’t exist on Earth, gravity makes sure of that.

True environmental protection begins with proper education. That is something our team at Earth-1 wants to help offer at no cost other than people giving a little of their time and attention. We all call the same celestial body home, no matter what country we come from. We can all take individual responsibility and action to care for our planet and those are hugely important, but to make real change we also need to take collective actions. Solidarity is the key to effective and rapid change.

What is Earth-1.org?

We believe that the key to making real change is education and research towards healing our one planet, the only place that the human race, and every other living thing we know of, calls ‘Home’.

Our international team is already 100% committed and currently preparing to do all we possibly can to help educate about the current state of our planet Earth! When we are among those lucky enough to have the freedom and opportunity to, then it would be crazy to do anything else. This is the only life-sustaining host and home we have to share with the rest of the human race and all other life-forms, so if you can take action then now is the time to step up and do it!

Our aim is to become a floating international educational platform, solely focusing on finding ways to help heal planet Earth. Non-stop research, 365 days a year, sharing our results and findings with school classrooms around the world.

Imagine a school and research platform that can actually sail around the world without any use of fossil fuels, using free energy instead, learning and educating as it goes. You have just imagined Earth-1.

Please feel free to visit our site again. Every week our team will highlight news about our preparations and progress. This is just the beginning, and we’ll keep you updated with more information very soon !

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