“What we do to planet Earth will reflect into eternity”


This should just be a couple of short paragraphs about oceans.

The first one might be some general information about oceans, while the following one might be about the dangers that the oceans face and why we absolutely have to take action now.


In here a little bit of text about what the Earth-1 project actually is, what the aim is, etc.

This doesn’t have to be in any degree of great detail at this moment in time, just a little bit of information to get people interested so that they will be likely to check back again in the future when there will be a lot more to read and learn about happening on here.


A couple of sentences about Marco and the team.

It might be nice to put some little bio photos with text underneath them perhaps, whatever you think works best. It would just be nice to break the text up a bit and people do relate to pictures of people.

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